Monday, 10 October 2011

Rollie starts his make over!

Our Vintage 1930 Rolls Royce arrived last year and has finally hit the workshop to begin restoration.
All the upholstery is out, the wings are off and being reshaped to their former glory and if I didnt know better, I would say that 'Rollie', as he has affectionately become known, is beginning to smile.

He doesn't look bad here, but he needs a new coat of paint, new upholstery and a fine tuning of the engine before he is ready to be let out for special occassions such as weddings.  The boys, Andrew and Roger, will do alot of the work themselves, leaving me to have some well deserved quiet nights at home.  Of course I shall think of them out in the cold shed as the evenings draw in, but somehow, it's better than the pub!

We are going to keep him, 'Rollie', as original as possible.  Watch this space for more updates - he should be finished by next summer.  He's already been booked for a wedding, so I hope he's ready!  Can't wait!

I'll keep you posted.

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