Saturday, 6 October 2012


I for one am not sure where the last 4 months have gone.  My brain is in Early September and yet we are now racing on towards Christmas.  My eldest son tells me there are ONLY 80 sleeps till Christmas and so we are well into the Autumn Wedding Season!  Facebook and Twitter are now ticking over nicely and it is time to concentrate on the blogs.

What a Summer it has been.  We feel privileged to have been part of so many beautiful weddings both traditional and quirky.  As ever, we are so grateful to the Wedding couples and their photographers for allowing us to use their images to show off our cars on their special days and, more latterly, some of our chauffeurs. (Notably, Chauffeurs' Triggol, Senior and Junior).  There was a time when I might see a chauffeur pictured opening a door for the bride in an official shoot, but now, they feature much more prominently at the request of the bride and groom.

This has to be a favourite of Chauffeur Triggol Junior, pictured here with Stephanie and James Berstock.  Perhaps I should get him to hold an umbrella for me, but there again, after all these years, it might feel a bit strange!  Ruth Garner took both of the above fabulous pictures and I met her at a Wedding Tweet Up back in September and was able to thank her personally.

As the wife of Chauffeur Triggol Junior, I can honestly say that they enjoy doing these weddings so much and view the work as pleasure more than a job which makes it easy to be professional, attentive and happy in disposition.  Large or small, traditional or alternative, formal or laid back we do feel blessed that we are chosen to take part in these incredibly special occasions.

Both Chauffeurs Roger and Andrew had such a wonderful time at Vicky and Simon Bamber's wedding, below, too.  Again, such fun loving people!  I must find out who the photographer was and post this in the next blog!

Finally, I must share this photo taken by Interlace photography.  It reminds even me, that these cars are very capable, even in the snow!  Our dark blue Austin 20, affectionately known as 'Og' is a very popular 6 seater.

When I look back over the four months I notice that September had the most bookings this year with a record 9 cars out on one Saturday alone! The weather seems to be so much better in September these days, so perhaps this is a reflection of this.  The Ivory cars remain hot favourites and we have seen a rise in bookings for the more traditional burgundy and blue cars for next year and this certainly reflects the 'Vintage' trend which is appearing for 2013.

Here's to Autumn and Christmas!  Happy wedding plans!


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